Each year the National Council for Women in Technology recognizes young women for their accomplishments in technology. This year we have several students that have been recognized on a National level from NH. 
NCWIT Aspirations
Alexandria W. 
Alex is a National Winner.
Alexandria is a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is also a scholar in the Fund for the Advancement of Minorities through Education (FAME). She has loved science since she was a child, and recent in-depth scientific research has provided the perfect opportunity to explore her passion. Most recently, she completed research as a member of the University of Pittsburgh’s Hillman Academy, where she used machine learning to differentiate between the emotional states of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In this project, she used MATLAB to test different classifiers, and she also used weighted sequential forward selection to find the most informative electroencephalography features. Read Full Bio
Sarah F. 
National Honorable Mention
The Founders Academy Public Charter School is a National Honorable Mention. Sarah is a senior this year and is planning on majoring in computer science in college. This past summer Sarah worked with the University of North Carolina training teachers to use Snap! in their classroom lessons. Read Full Bio
Anna M.
National Honorable Mention
As a current senior at Nashua High School South, Anna is excited to pursue Biomedical Engineering in college. Currently, she runs a program called CodeIT Girls, teaching young inner-city girls basic coding skills and an introduction to computing. This passion for introducing STEM to young girls lead her to help run a program to teach young Girl Scouts across the country how to code using JavaScript. As early as middle school, Anna had an interest in STEM and joined clubs such as the Technology Student Association (TSA), where she competed at the state and national level. Read Full Bio
Kelly Z.
National Honorable Mention
At this time of this article there is no biographical information for Kelly
McKayla H.
National Honorable Mention
McKayla was born in Cape Girardeau MO and moved to New Hampshire before her first birthday. She is just about to turn 16 years old and is a sophomore in High School. She is very active in both her school and community and cares deeply about promoting STEM education. She was nominated to serve as a camp counselor for a computer programming camp at the University of New Hampshire during summer 2018 (Camp EPIC). In terms of school leadership, she started a Model United Nations organization and serves as its president. She is co-president of her school’s First Robotics Club and is working to develop her team’s technical skills. 
Narmana V.
National Honorable Mention
Mana got her start in computer science when she discovered MIT’s Scratch in elementary school. She believes children should be exposed to programming at a young age, because it is a fundamental skill like reading, writing, and math. To this end, she has organized multiple Scratch workshops to teach basic computing principles to elementary and middle schoolers. Read Full Bio
Rebecca Z.
National Honorable Mention
As a mobile app developer and avid machine learning researcher, Rebecca is fluent in Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, and Dart and uses her programming aptitude to create projects for social good. Her recent project involves using machine learning (ML) and facial recognition to develop an app that helps children with autism learn to empathize with others. Read Full Bio
Yunseo C.
National Honorable Mention
At this time of this article there is no biographical information for Yunseu.