Going on field trips and getting guest speakers can be a challenge in the pandemic world we are living in. Recently, Joanna Marcotte, our CSTANH Social Media Liasion had 3 Amazon Engineers visit Franklin High School Via Zoom.  She signed up for this virtual guest speaker experience on the Amazon Future Engineering site.  One of the benefits of joining Amazon Future Engineering is a CSTA+ membership which will get you discounts on the National CSTA conference in Chicago this summer.
Are you using Code.org, Project STEM, or CMU Academy curriculum at Middle School or High School or level computer science? Your school may qualify to be an Amazon Future Engineering School.
Those schools that are identified as Amazon Future Engineering Schools can request a live class chat.  There are some pre-recorded chats as well you can use with your classes to expose them to others working at Amazon and their journey in the tech industry. 
One of the big takeaways for Ms. Marcotte's students is that not all employees at Amazon are programmers. What will your student's takeaways be from the Amazon Engineer Class chats.
What are your classes doing to make real-world connections for learners? We would love to hear your stories.