On Friday, October, 20th educators converged at UConn to share ideas about CS education and the K-12 Landscape in New England.
Some highlights from the conference:
Keynote Kia Huggan
Product Manager of STEM Lingo
Kia had a very inspirational story about her CS journey.  She has been focusing on creating applications to support various learners.  Kia worked on Webequity, an extension with dyslexia for internet applications.  Kia is currently focusing on ADHD productivity tools right now.
Data Science Presentation UVM
Presenters: Lisa Dion & Maureen D. Neumann


Using Google Sheets or Python to analyze public data sets.  They use an inquiry-based approach where students pose a question related to their data set.
CSTANE Teaching In Excellence Award
  • Charlie MacFadyen, 9–12 teacher at Champlain Valley Union HS
  • Joanna Marcotte, 9–12 teacher at Franklin High School
  • Priya Rajagopal, 9–12 teacher at Connecticut River Academy
To see the full list of those recognized nation wide go here.  
Next year CSTANE will be hosted by the Greater Boston Chapter