The workshop for Women in Hardware and Systems Security (WISE) has 5 year’s history. It used to be co-located with top conferences in the security area. This is the first time that we move it to local,  New Hampshire. 
         The purpose of this workshop is to attract more women to join the field of cybersecurity with special emphasis on hardware and systems security (HSS) and provide a forum for the women in HSS to support each other. Considering the number of women entering the engineering profession is decreasing annually, it is critical to understand and encourage the young female students to choose engineering profession and participate in research activities.

   This workshop will be composed of four main themes: 1) experience sharing and visionary view from female role models, 2) discussing research/work/life challenges faced by female students in HSS, 3) exchanging research ideas and prompting potential collaborations, 4) tutorials from expertises in academia and industry,  and 5) students/companies poster and Hardware demos. We will encourage all women related to the field of HSS and those who are willing to support women in HSS to join this workshop and help grow female workforce in HSS.
        Programs in the past few year are available on the website
        We are looking for high school students to attend the workshop, and also high school teachers who can provide us suggestions what we can do to engage K-12 students better. 
        Travel and registration cost will be covered by the workshop. 
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